M u s i c   f o r   H e a r t b r e a k   P r o d u c t i o n s

Andy has worked with Heartbreak Theatre for over 10 years. He has composed, arranged and provided sound design for over 20 productions. Below are some examples.

Production: Romeo & Juliet

For the final death scene, this piece for piano and cello accompanies Romeo & Juliet as they rise and are transformed into a statue. Cello played by Hannah Monkhouse.

Production: Wuthering Heights

This ghostly atmospheric piece sets the tone for the play... not to be played late at night!

Production: Pride & Prejudice

Imagine the Bennet sisters playing their forte piano to each other in the drawing room at Longbourn..

Production: Pride & Prejudice

An arrangement for 'country dance band' of a melody from Playford's The English Dancing Master... Aren't you dancing Mr. Darcy?

Production: Private Lives

An über romantic arrangement of Coward's song, as if played on the gramophone darling...

Production: Private Lives

The framing device for Private Lives had the staff in a French hotel telling the story. This is the final number of the show which they sing. Ooh La La..  Words by David Kerby-Kendall.